The Advantages of Continuous Insulation in Steel Stud Construction

To educate about what ‘Sustainability’ means and how it is measured, what are the factors involved with ‘Building Longevity’ and how these concepts impact making buildings more energy efficient. We will also examine how much energy buildings use from an individual approach to the overall bigger picture. By reviewing codes and standards, that are currently in effect, will give us direction on how much Polyisocyanurate insulation is needed in steel stud design to meet these requirements. Another point of discussion will be, how to meet the continuous insulation requirements in steel stud building envelope designs and the benefits of using polyisocyanurate insulation and what are the physical properties, fire resistance and how to specify it.

Review reasons and incentives for going beyond the code as well as supporting organizations and programs.

Seminar Details

AIA Program #


Length of Program

1 hour

Learning Units

1 LU Hour, HSW & SD, AIA and GBCI/CMP

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand Building Sustainability and Longevity.
  2. Learn about the Science Behind Thermal, Air & Moisture Control for Steel Stud Construction.
  3. Interpret the Code Requirements for Building Envelope Design and Performance.
  4. Discover How Polyiso Meets Requirements and Outperforms Traditional Methods for Optimum Control.
  5. Examine How Professionals are Looking to a Better Future.