Vapor Barriers: Nuisance or Necessity?

Vapor Barriers: Nuisance or Necessity?

Seminar Details

AIA program #: STEGO1

Length of program: 1 hour

Learning units: 1 LU Hour (HSW), 1 GBCI CE Hour


Provides an in-depth look at below-slab moisture protection. The seminar will examine how below-slab water vapor migration has become the leading cause of floor failures and a very real contributor to mold/mildew growth in the United States. Moreover, the seminar is designed to update attendees on current standards and recommendations from ASTM, ACI, and PCA, as well as flooring and concrete experts from the industry. Questions about vapor retarders vs. vapor barriers, the use of poly/visqueen, the location of the vapor barrier, radon gas, concrete moisture testing, concrete drying, installation, and product sustainability will all be addressed as well.

Learning Objectives

After attending the session, attendees will know how to design an overall system to help prevent moisture related problems such as: floor covering failures, mold issues, concrete drying concerns, and much more. Attendees will learn about the most recent standards and industry-expert recommendations in the Vapor Barrier industry, including ASTM standards, ACI recommendations and LEED contribution. In addition, attendees will know and be able to explain the difference between a Vapor Retarder and a Vapor Barrier and know how to specify each.